A bunch of code I’ve produced, side projects I’ve worked on, or anything else I would consider a project. There’s no real order here at this time.


Marlowe is a Rack middleware that extracts or creates a request ID using a pre-defined header, permitting request correlation across multiple services. Basically, correlation IDs for rack applications such as rails or sinatra.

tags: ruby, rack, rails, correlation ID, middleware


simple_toggle is, well, a simple toggle library for ruby feature-flag development. I was looking for something much simpler than I could find at the time. I only wanted a simple database persisted conditional so that I could toggle features on and off.

This one is pretty old - I should probably spend some time cleaning it up.

tags: ruby, rails, feature-flags, feature-toggles


gorrelation is a correlation ID library for Go applications. It looks like I’m porting all of my ruby life into Go. Not a bad thing, I guess.

While I’m a fan of staying with a monolithic app as long as it is both possible and sensible, I’ve got a side project that really needs to be split into at least two services. Being able to trace requests through the systems is going to be necessary. This is under active construction, so there will be many warts.

tags: Go, correlation ID, middleware