Queen Elizabeth 2 Wildlands

Where: Wilderness Section of the Ganaraska Trail Dates: 18-19 April 2019 Type: overnight backpacking Weather: Clear to Rainy Trail Conditions: Mainly clear with snow/ice in patches Bugs: bug-free Purpose Unlike some of my trips, this hike had a bit of a purpose. I’m trying out a new camping setup (tarp and bivy) and I wanted to see how things worked on a short overnight. I’ve also spent the winter cooped up while building my strength back up after a pretty large health scare.

Systems vs Uptime Monitoring

I was reading through a question about monitoring on r/devops the other day. The author wanted to add some uptime monitoring onto his service and was looking for tools that might help. However, one of the comments left made me realize that there may be some confusion as to what uptime monitoring does. Systems and Uptime monitoring are very different things. I’m going to present a very brief overview on the two types of monitoring.