With over 20 years in the technology field, I’ve evolved from an intensely curious programmer into a seasoned leader specializing in infrastructure engineering and cloud-based solutions. Currently serving as the Director of Platform Operations at Kinetic Commerce, I’m responsible for maintaining the ongoing stability and security of our platform.

I’m a passionate advocate for concepts like Infrastructure as Code and cloud engineering, emphasizing continuous improvement, innovation, and quality across all aspects of technology operations. My leadership philosophy revolves around coaching and empowering teams, fostering collaboration, and driving alignment with company strategy and goals.

Always eager to explore new technologies and methodologies, my commitment to excellence keeps me engaged in this dynamic field, ready to adapt, learn, and contribute to positive change.

In this blog, you’ll find insights, reflections, and expert opinions on the ever-changing landscape of technology, leadership, and innovation. Feel free to dive into the content, leave a comment, or get in touch with any thoughts or questions.

Welcome to my digital space!